Chimney Inspections and Why You Should Get One

chimney-inspectionsChimney Inspections in may not be that easy but with Doodlebuggers Service Network, everything is simple. There are various reasons as to why people should use this company when it comes to chimney inspections in Pensacola, FL, and even many other professional cleaning and repair services. The reason why it is the best is because it has enough experience since 1998 and the company is an accredited member of BBB, having a rating of A+ since the year 1999. Apart from chimney inspections, Doodlebuggers Service Network also offers services in cleaning, duct leak testing and sealing, air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and mold consulting and repairs.The services are offered to both the commercial and residential resdients in Santa Rosa, Walton, Escambia, Baldwin and Okaloosa counties.

Chimney inspection is an important service that is offered by Doodlebuggers and it comes in different forms. Not all forms of the inspection are alike. The service is offered the best by the company because all the procedures recommended by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) are followed to the letter during the chimney inspections. Here, you will get the inspection done to the perfection since the procedure is divided into three main categories. The category or the level of the inspection depends on the circumstance of what causes the inspection. The most basic level of inspection is Level I, but Levels II and III are a little bit more detailed.

Level I inspection is always done during the chimney cleaning or sweeping. This will ensure that the service you get is the most appropriate. Level I inspection can also be done during the time when an appliance is being replaced by a similar one. This level is also limited only to the accessible portions of the chimney and the connected appliances. It is usually done to the flue and the enclosing structures of the chimney.

Level II inspection is a little bit more detailed as compared to Level I inspection. It is necessary if Level I inspection shows a need for further inspection. This level of inspection is necessary when there is a replacement of an appliance of a different kind, before flue relining, during property transfer, after a damage caused by vent, and after any other sudden event. All the requirements in level I inspection are included here plus video scanning, accessible areas of the chimney, both exterior and interior and the accessible parts of the appliances and connections to the chimney. During this level of inspection, the flue lining evaluation is done and clearance of the accessible areas is also conducted. This is mainly for the determination of the sizing of the chimney materials that is appropriate for the appliances that are being served. Construction of the accessible parts of the chimney is also done in this level. However, this level of inspection does not include removal of the permanent parts of the building like wall coverings, siding and chase covers.

Level III inspection is the most detailed of all the three categories of the inspection. It involves inspection of the concealed areas of the building. However, the inspection is only limited to the areas that are suspected to contain hazards that are difficult to evaluate otherwise. During this level of chimney inspection, all the areas covered in Levels I and II are included, plus the concealed areas that are suspected to have problems. The level also involves some destructive actions to the building, but this will be discussed by the inspector to the owner of the building before the day of the inspection.

This is how thorough Doodlebuggers Service Network offers their chimney inspections and this is the reason why it is considered the best. The company is also worth choosing because it is among the few companies that offer video scanning during chimney inspections. Video scanning enhances chimney inspection by reaching to some parts that are hard to access. Even the most detailed chimney inspection may not reveal all the problems since some parts of the chimney are inaccessible depending on the nature of the construction of the house. Therefore, Doodlebuggers Service Network will give you that room to discuss some specific concerns with the technicians from which the inspection will be based. To crown it all, Doodlebuggers Service Network is worth using because it is registered with license number #CAC1817997 making it the safest and most trusted.

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